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Lights on!
Photo: SCHOTT/C. Costard

Lights on!

Light is much more than brightness – it even influences our psyche. SCHOTT experts are working on new solutions for illuminating our world.

We feel insecure in the dark. In fact, we are even frightened by darkness. One reason is that the human eye only has a few receptors that allow us to see in the dark. This means we are dependent on light – but this can be taken even further. Doctors are now aware of the fact that light even affects our health. It makes us feel happy or sad, stresses or calms us down. And this is exactly what light designers utilize to make our stays in airplanes and cars more pleasant with the help of lighting. To produce the desired effect, it is important to understand the properties of light, however. The fiber optics experts at SCHOTT are predestined for this task. They have been dealing with the question of how to control light and color for decades. In this special in-depth chapter, we will be focusing on this know-how, and its application areas. Lights on! —
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