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Anti-reflective, decorative and fire protective glasses, fiber optics and LightPoints for lighting, components for solar architecture and more.

solutions 1/2014
Atrium with Atmosphere
Fire-resistant glazing with PYRAN® S makes for a pleasant stay at the renovated Bildungsforum Potsdam. more
solutions 2/2013
Glass laminates
For the first time ever, glass laminates were successfully tested against simultaneous multiple stresses from fire and bombardment. more
solutions 1/2013
Colorful glass in a Diverse Community
NARIMA® eco color effects glass sets visual accents in the tower façades of the civic center in Calgary and even offers protection from the sun. More

Fireplace viewing panels
Fire in a new dimension
A special bending technology allows for multiple angular shaped ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels made of only a single piece. More
solutions 2/2012
Place full of Emotions
TIKANA® glass imitates the look of the 1960s just perfectly in the renovated Palace of Tears in Berlin. More

Light Art
Creating something new without replacing what is old
A Dutch light artist used DURATAN® tubing to produce ”The Window of Your Eyes.” More
solutions 1/2012
A Modern Enactment of the Arabian Nights
Abu Dhabi’s ”Central Market” combines tradition with modern times with its splendid color windows. More

Fire Resistant Glazing
Glass Protects Textile World of Experiences
The issue of ”fire protection in a monument” was resolved in the Textile Museum in Augsburg. More
solutions 2/2011
Play of Colors with Glass
The new concert and congress centre in Reykjavik fascinates observers with its unique glass façade. More
solutions 1/2011
Solar Architecture
Tradition with a Future
A hotel in Pamplona realized a futuristic solar design while it was being renovated. More

Unconventional Glass Tubing for Exquisite Effects
The Wallbrook office complex is quite impessive with its wall made of Conturax® glass tubing. More

Museum Project
From an Empathetic Museum to a Flying Depot
Glass and light play an important role in the visions of the ’Museums of the Future 2020’. More
solutions 2/2010
Crystal Clear Brilliance
A Swarovski boutique in New York relies on an innovative LED lighting system for its display cases. More
solutions 1/2010
EXPO 2010
Living Better – A City in Balance
The visionary theme of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai ”Better City, Better Life” becomes reality at the German Pavilion. More

A New Face
SCHOTT put its own products to use in modernizing its corporate headquarters. More

Solar Architecture
Efficient Energy Management
The REWE ”Green Building” stands for sustainability and its solar glass architecture is quite impressive. More

Profile Glass Tubing
Frame Systems Made of Glass
A concept that features glass frames sets new standards in window construction. More

Interior Design
Setting the Stage for Luxury
A glass floor made of SCHOTT Opalika® gives the Baccarat Boutique a special atmosphere. More
solutions 2/2009
Fire Protection
Glass Bodyguard for Sparky’s Heroes
The new glass-ceramic Pyran® Platinum sets accents in North America’s fire protection market. More
solutions 1/2009
Showcase Design
Cubic Treasure House
The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar displays exhibits with Amiran® glass and fiber optics from SCHOTT. More

Innovative Design for Museums
Interview with John French, Director of the UK’s leading showcase manufacturer, Click Netherfield. More

Interior Design
Exclusive Glitter World
Light diodes and color effect glasses illuminate the Casino Monte Laa in Vienna. More
solutions 2/2008
Clear View of the Game
Amiran® panels serve as transparent ”safety rails” at the University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena and offer a much clearer view of the court. More
solutions 1/2008
Glass Cone and roof of Clouds
The landscape of adventure called »BMW Welt« opened by the Munich-based carmaker BMW conceals the precise realization of the most innovative of technologies behind playful reflexes. More
solutions 1/2007
Special Glass for a Monument
Glass Sets the Stage for Sorrow
On March 11, 2007, a glass memorial was inaugurated in Madrid by the King and Queen of Spain. It pays tribute to the victims of the worst terrorist attack in the country’s history. SCHOTT supplied the glass components for the monument. More

Glass Opens Up New Horizons for Design
No other material is associated more closely with modern architecture than glass. In combination with new technologies, this versatile material offers a broad range of possibilities ranging from lighting to construction using solar technology. More
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