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Art & Design

How SCHOTT products are used in art and design, group projects from the world of design and more.
solutions 1/2013
Infinite Light Loop
Tim Morgan’s sculpture ”Aurora” in London reflects elegant and technical complexity. It also uses DURAN® glass rods. More

Museum Design
Display cases of love
Objects from the novel that bears the same name are presented in display cases made of AMIRAN® glass at the ”Museum of Innocence.” More
solutions 2/2012
Fit for Extreme Conditions
The high-performance glass-ceramic Nextrema™ offers options where other materials reach their limits. more

Light Art
Creating something new without replacing what is old
A Dutch light artist used DURATAN® tubing to produce ”The Window of Your Eyes.” weiter
solutions 2/2011
Open Innovation
Smart People with Creative Ideas
800 participants from 68 countries developed ideas on how to use angular profiled glass tubes. More

Glass Museum
Bridge between Cultures
The Shanghai Museum of Glass tells the story of glass in the Orient and Occident. More
solutions 1/2010
Feeling Great with Light
SCHOTT is an innovative pulse generator on intelligent lighting in aircrafts and automobiles. More
solutions 2/2008
Interior Design
Transparent Anonymity
The Spanish architect Eduardo Arroyo uses glass tubing from SCHOTT for interior design. More
solutions 2/2007
Art with Glass
Complex Glass Artworks of Great Depth
Roni Horn’s sculptures are characterized by perfection and precision. One of the world’s leading contemporary artists, she combines these properties inherent in glass with its transparency and plasticity to form sensitive reflections. More
solutions 1/2007
Worlds of Adventure in Glass
The work of the German glass sculptor Nabo Gass links innovative finesse with the highest standards for creativity. He ranks as one of the few courageous artists who dare to work with translucent types of image carriers. More
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