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Energy & Environment

Collectors and receivers for solar thermal, photovoltaic modules, solar cells and more.
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Technical Tubing
The Algae Turbo
CONTURAX® glass tubes help to improve industrial growing of algae with photobioreactors. more

Fuel Cells
Excited about Efficiently Generated Energy
Heat-resistant glasses and glass-ceramics from SCHOTT serve as insulating materials for high temperature fuel cells. more

Solar Panels
Light in the Desert
Specialty glass from SCHOTT makes modular streetlights with convex solar cells ready for use on the streets. more
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Solar Power
One Million Solar Receivers
SCHOTT Solar has continuously improved its components for use in Concentrated Solar Power. more

Electronic Packaging
Tailwind for Liquefied Gas
The new certification of components for liquefied gas pumps saves customers time and money. more
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Fireplace viewing panels
Natural Power? - Yes, Please!
SCHOTT ROBAX® calls for more ecological use of wood as a valuable source of energy. More

Fiber Optics
Environmentally Friendly Fibers
The optical glass fiber PURAVIS™ draws its advantages from the high-purity raw materials used and is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process that does without lead, arsenic and antimony. More

Concentrated Solar Power
The New Value of Electricity
Solar thermal technologies offer many advantages on how to use energy and expand the grid. More
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Development Opportunity for Africa
The German Solar Academy Nairobi is helping to generate electricity with solar power. [More]

Solar Technology
Sunny Times
A perfect example of how to use solar energy can now be seen in Sydney’s harbor. [More]

Solar Energy
Experts on Top Solar Projects
SCHOTT Solar Power Projects” is successfully driving large international projects. [More]

Nuclear Energy
Advancing Nuclear Safety Education
SCHOTT is supporting Ohio State University’s Nuclear Research with products and expertise. [More]
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Solar Technology
The Power Comes from the Back Side
Up to ten percent higher efficiency can be achieved with innovative back conact solar modules. More

Environmental Protection
Certifiably Envionmentally Friendly
SCHOTT was awarded the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) certificate in silver in the U.S. for Pyran® Platinum. More
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Solar Energy
Great Location for Solar Valley
The state of New Mexico believes in solar power. SCHOTT Solar plays a key role here. More
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Environmental Protection
Getting Greener
SCHOTT is systematically expanding its ecological commitment by offering environmentally friendly products. More

Solar Initiative
Solar Power from the Desert
The aim of the Desertec initiative is to supply the EUMENA region with power from solar power plants. More
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Solar Technology
Sunny Prospects
The new SCHOTT Solar manufacturing facility in Albuquerque will be the first site in the United States that produces receivers for CSP and will quadruple the company’s PV production capacity in North America. More

Solar Energy
Solar Architecture for a Public Space
Barcelona’s solar pergolas on the coast are of benefit to both the environment and society. More
solutions 2/2008
Solar Energy
Power Plants of a New Dimension
The first of three AndaSol power plants has now gone live in the south of Spain. SCHOTT provided the receivers. More

Concentrated Solar Power
Solar Receiver from Spain
SCHOTT puts the new receiver plant in Aznalcóllar into operation. A study shows high customer satisfaction. More

Solar Power Helps Africa
Pilot project with SCHOTT Solar secures energy supply for a hospital ward in Senegal More
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Solar Energy
From Silicon to a Module
Thanks to its joint venture with WACKER Chemie ag, SCHOTT is now in an excellent position throughout the entire solar value chain. More

Solar Energy
„Bright Future for Solar Energy”
Dr. Lawrence L. Kazmerski, Director National Center for Photovoltaics at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colorado/U.S.A., on the prospects of the U.S. Solar Market. More

Thin-film Technology
Razor-Thin Solar Radiation Converters
Sunlight releases electrons in the semiconductor layer of the ASI®
solar cell. This layer is divided into stripes that form solar cells and are connected electrically in series. More
solutions 2/2007
Solar Energy
Houses as Power Plants
Europe’s first Plus Energy housing estate in Weiz (Austria) runs on solar technology from SCHOTT and was recognized with the Austrian Solar Award 2007. More
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Remote Solar Power Supply
Finally Electricity!
By building solar power plants in sparsely populated provinces in China and other regions of the world, SCHOTT is contributing towards improved living conditions and developing a new market for the future. More
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Concentrated Solar Power Plants
The Power Plants of the Future
The market for solar thermal power plants is only now beginning to offer one of the most important energy supply options for the future. SCHOTT will play a leading role by providing a key component. More

Electronic Packaging
At the Beat of the Cell Phone Boom
Electronic components can be found in more and more everyday devices. SCHOTT in Japan will be growing by 30 percent this year by supplying these components. More
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