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Ceran® glass ceramic cooktops, Robax® fireplace viewing panels, shelving and doors for refrigerators and freezers and more.
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Flat glass 
Transparency and reflection
SCHOTT® SeeClear uses reflective and yet transparent glass surfaces to make home and electric appliances more attractive. more

Glass door systems
Magical Shopping Experience
Thanks to SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Access, the glass doors of refrigerators at the first REWE grocery stores open up without being touched. more

Home Appliances
Cooking in Shanghai’s skies
CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels are everything but exotic at Asia’s highest restaurant. more
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As Stylish as Metal
SCHOTT MetalLook combines the advantages of glass with the luxurious look of stainless steel to produce trendy surfaces for appliances. More

Fireplace Viewing Panels
Wine and Fire to Enjoy
ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels enhance the enjoyment of a dual chamber fireplace at the Chain of Ponds Winery in Australia. More
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Home Appliances
Three different white
SCHOTT supports the trend towards white kitchens by offering new versions of its white glass-ceramic cooktop panel CERAN ARTICFIRE®. More

Home Appliances
A dream comes true
Visitors to the exhibit at the ”Vision House” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida are exposed to ”green” living. More

Flat Glass
Sustainable growth on the Bosporus
SCHOTT Orim has been manufacturing flat glass for the household appliance industry in fast-growing Turkey for 10 years. More

Fireplace viewing panels
Fire in a new dimension
A special bending technology allows for multiple angular shaped ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels made of only a single piece. More
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Flat Glass
Fresh Rolls from Intelligent Ovens
SCHOTT develops innovative glass solutions for commercial baking ovens from WIESHEU. more
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Fireplace viewing panels
Natural Power? - Yes, Please!
SCHOTT ROBAX® calls for more ecological use of wood as a valuable source of energy. More

Glassy Trademark
Dimples in glass surfaces allow for new design solutions in operating electronic appliances. More
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Cooking Competition
It’s All about the Ingredients
Environmental compatibility is becoming more important in the kitchen. The “Chef of the Year” competition that SCHOTT CERAN® sponsored illustrates this, but also the production of glass-ceramic cooktop panels. More

Doubly Certified and Environmentally Friendly
CERAN® Eco glass-ceramic cooktop panels certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories. More

Home Appliances
Clearly Positioned
Reflective glasses offer excellent design options for household appliances. More
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Food Display
Saving Energy with a Clear View
The energy efficiency of efrigeration units can be increased significantly with special door systems. More
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Eastern Europe
Good Prospects
SCHOTT is seizing the chances that Russia’s growing home appliance and pharmaceutical industries offer. More

Induction Cooking
Induction Goes Mainstream
Innovative cooking technology is becoming ever more popular in Europe and Asia. More
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Ceran® Glass-Ceramic Cooktops
Recognized for Eco-Friendliness
SCHOTT earned the German Innovation Award for the ecological orientation of its Ceran® brand. More

Kitchen Design
An All-Glass Kitchen
A kitchen from Alno with SCHOTT Satin Plus® glass fronts won the iF and Red Dot Design Awards. More
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Ceran® Glass-Ceramic Cooktops
Recognized for Eco-Friendliness
SCHOTT earned the German Innovation Award for the ecological orientation of its Ceran® brand. More

Kitchen Design
An All-Glass Kitchen
A kitchen from Alno with SCHOTT Satin Plus™ glass fronts won the iF and Red Dot Design Awards. More
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Fireplace Viewing Panels
Design for Flaming Experiences
Robax® glass-ceramic viewing panels offer plenty of ways to design fireplaces in a creative manner. More

Flat glass
Stylish and Easy to Clean
Sinks that include flat glass are setting new design trends in kitchens. More
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Home Appliances
Cooking in Style
Bestseller that has now been sold 100 million times: Ceran® glass ceramic cooktop panels. More
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Cooktop Panels
Pure Glass Ceramic
SCHOTT produces the world’s first and only cooktop panels without utilizing the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony. More

Kitchen Design
Brighter Days for the Kitchen
Metallic effects and a new design line for household appliances now allow the kitchen to shine. More
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Home Tech
Magical Success
The electrical appliance manufacturer JATA offers a barbecue grill with a Ceran glass® ceramic cooktop that has conquered Spanish kitchens in only a short time. More
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Glass Ceramic Cooktop Panels
New Perspective on Cooking
Shiny metallic Ceran Cleartrans® cooktops in various colors now make it possible to create the link between popular lifestyle trends and modern technology. More
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Ascension under Nippon’s Sun
SCHOTT celebrates 40 years in Japan: From a three-man company to a diversified high-tech partner. More
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Fireplace Viewing Panels
Temperature Marvel With a View
Heating with stoves offers both ecological and economic benefits. Thanks to innovative viewing panels, they are becoming even more popular. More

Heating Furniture from Denmark
Henning Krog Iversen has been a forerunner in innovative stoves for more than 25 years. He has been working with SCHOTT, his sole glass supplier, for almost as long. More

Glass Ceramic Cooktops
A Colorful Menu
Household appliance makers are always looking for ways to make their products and brands look unique. New colors and decorative trends in glass ceramic cooktops offer innovative solutions. More
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