3-D Hydrogel Coating (H)

The NEXTERION® 3-D Hydrogel coating provides the ideal surface for the covalent immobilization of biomolecules containing primary amines (NH2 groups) such as proteins, antibodies and most peptides. Additionally, for amino-modified biomolecules like glycans or oligonucleotides this surface may be the coating of choice.

This type of coating has proven to be a very attractive alternative to the commonly used nitrocellulose-coated slides, especially when low background noise or slide transparency are important. It ensures an extremely low non-specific binding and helps preserving the native three-dimensional structure of complex bio-molecules, thus maintaining conformation and functionality. As a result, it attains excellent signal-to-background ratios.

Produced in ISO class 5 clean room conditions using a proprietary thin-film deposition process and running a stringent quality control system, the 3-D hydrogel coating is offered in standard and custom formats.
  • Coating Chemistry
  • Shelf Life
    Twelve months for sealed packages when stored at –20°C.

  • Immobilization Method
    Covalent binding via amine reactive chemistry.

  • Probe Types
    • Amino-linked glucans
    • Antibodies and antibody fragments
    • Functional proteins such as enzymes or receptors
    • Small protein fragments such as peptides
    • Amino-modified oligonucleotides 16 to 70 mers
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition SPIE BIOS, San Francisco, CA, USA, 02-02 to 02-03-2019
Exhibition SCHOTT Diagnostic Workshop @ BIOS 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA, 02-03
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