FAQ - Image Gallery

Here you can find an image gallery of typical problems. Please click at the respective image to find an answer.
Merged Microarray Spots
Merged Spots
Large Microarray Spots
Large Spots
Irregular Shape of Microarray Spots
Irregular Spot Shape
Microarray Spots \
"Fried Egg"
Microarray Spots \
Black Holes
Microarray Spots \
Microarray Spots, Comet Tails
Comet Tails
Microarray Spots, Irregular Hyb-Distribution
Irregular Distribution of Hyb
Air Bubbles in Hybridization Solution
Air Bubbles in Hyb-Solution
Dried Hybridization Solution
Dried Hyb-Solution
Poor Target Quality
Poor Target Quality
cross contamination
Cross contamination between wells of a multi-well slide as a result of an inaccurately applied superstructure

In the following some self explaining images:

Dust Particles on Slide
Finger Print (with gloves)
Foam under Coverslip
Not enough Blotting Spots
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Exhibition LED Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 01-29 to 01-31-2020
Exhibition SPIE PhotonicsWest, San Francisco, USA, 02-04 to 02-06-2020
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