SCHOTT NEX­TREMA® IR ap­pli­ca­tions

One unique benefit of the NEXTREMA® material portfolio is the optimized transmission in the infrared range combined with different design options. NEXTREMA® is the right choice to upgrade the design of infrared heaters and protect the heating elements from impacts and contaminants in non-industrial applications like e.g. outdoor and indoor heating, as well as industrial applications like drying / heating processes or food preparation.

Application ideas:
  • Transparent, translucent or opaque cover for infrared heating elements (electrical or gas)
  • IR transparent, robust mold in mechanical press equipment
  • IR transparent, glare reducing design upgrade for patio heaters
  • Protective cover for infrared heaters in industrial processes
In industries like:
  • Outdoor living (e.g. patio, gastronomy)
  • Spa and wellness (e.g. infrared saunas)
  • Food preparation (e.g. kebab grill, electric BBQ)
  • PCB manufacturing (e.g. soldering machines)
  • Automotive and aviation (e.g. CFRP manufacturing, paint drying)
 NEXTREMA® is ideally suited because the ...
schott nextrema ir heater heatscope with glass-ceramic

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