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SCHOTT announces continued investment in Southbridge Lighting and Imaging facility
SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging will hold a ribbon cutting event to celebrate a $750,000 renovation to its offices in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Executives from the company, U.S. Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass 1st Dist.), and elected officials from the Massachusetts Legislature will be on hand to discuss workforce development, U.S. manufacturing, and SCHOTT’s commitment to the region. More
SCHOTT launches new high-powered laser glass with improved thermomechanical strength and optical performance
APG-760, a phosphate glass, features impressive thermomechanical strength and superior optical capabilities. It is ideal for laser shot peening and other material processing applications. SCHOTT will showcase APG-760 at SPIE Optifab. More
SCHOTT Ultra-thin glass reduces errors in optical Diagnostic and Life Science applications
SCHOTT expands its product portfolio of glass wafers and substrates for the biotech and life sciences industry with D 263® bio, which is perfectly suited for a wide range of biotech and optical diagnostics applications. More
SCHOTT introduces versatile interior lighting solution for automobiles
SCHOTT’s MultiLight binds several light guides to a single light source, combining contour and spotlight illumination into one product. For OEMs and tier suppliers, it reduces the time and effort spent on integration while opening up more design options for a wide range of applications. More
SCHOTT to showcase highly lightweighted, monolithic ZERODUR® mirror blanks at SPIE Optics and Photonics 2017
SCHOTT ZERODUR® is a preferred mirror substrate material for applications where the highest levels of thermal dimensional stability are needed. SCHOTT now offers ZERODUR®, a glass-ceramic optimized for minimal response to thermal perturbations, in monolithic 4-meter diameters in highly lightweighted forms, important for the larger mirrors used in space telescopes. More
SCHOTT presents new phosphate laser glass for high-power lasers at LASER World of Photonics in Munich
APG-760 phosphate laser glass is made for high-performance applications at 1.05 μm. The glass is available in various versions and can be adapted for a variety of applications. Dielectric coatings are also possible.
World’s largest telescope to use SCHOTT mirror substrates for window to distant galaxies
The gigantic 39-meter primary mirror for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) will soon be made up of 798 ZERODUR® glass-ceramic components. SCHOTT is set to deliver a total of 949 mirror substrates made of ZERODUR® to the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Thanks to SCHOTT’s investment of more than $11 million, the company is well prepared to respond to the increased demand. More
More comfortable homes, more efficient fires: New glass-ceramic coating upgrades fireplaces and woodstoves
The coated ROBAX® IR Max fire viewing panel better reflects heat radiation back into the combustion chamber, doing good for homeowners and the environment
SCHOTT Vials DC Demonstrate Resistance against Delamination in New Screening Study
Tests Involved Product Formulations Prone to Delamination Recalls
SCHOTT Expands Portfolio of Ready-to-use Pharma Vials as Adoption Increases
New 20, 25, and 30R Vial Formats Build on Existing adaptiQ® Portfolio for Use on More Than 30 Different Machine Types
SCHOTT’s New Ultra-Thin Glass Is The Thinnest, Toughest, Most Eco-Friendly Glass For Consumer Electronics
SCHOTT AS 87 eco thin glass features high strength, incredible thin thickness range without hazardous chemical slimming. This makes it highly environment-friendly.
Introducing Superior X-ray Imaging with SCHOTT’s Fiber Optic Faceplates and BOROFLOAT® Glass
SCHOTT’s specialty glass and fused fiber optic faceplates reduce radiation while keeping images sharp
SCHOTT Upgrades Kitchen Color Palette with 3 New Colors in CERAN CLEARTRANS Portfolio
Transparent glass-ceramic CERAN CLEARTRANS paves the way for colorful cooktop designs
SCHOTT Glass Tubing Enables Advancements in Algae Production and Wastewater Cleaning
Glass tubing boasts higher light transmission that enhances algae growth
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