Heat resistant, chemically resistant glass-ceramic: SCHOTT NEXTREMA® opaque white (724-8)

The material type opaque white is a glass-ceramic that stands out in particular due to its temperature resistance. The opaque, durable glass-ceramic possesses excellent heat resistance: it can withstand up to 950 °C. This makes the glass-ceramic a reliable partner in high-temperature and microwave applications. What’s more, it is particularly effective in applications where low radiation is to be ensured across a wide wavelength range in visible and infrared spectrum. Chemical resistance to acids and bases according to DIN 12116, ISO 695 und DIN ISO 719 allows the special glass to withstand even the most demanding conditions. The premium homogeneously colored white material can be used to realize countless esthetic ideas in the fields of architecture and design. Its special surface is opaque, non-porous and adds a dazzling, sophisticated touch to all sorts of designs.

Key properties
  • Advantage of temperature resistance: This heat resistant glass-ceramic can withstand temperatures of up to 950 °C.
  • This glass-ceramic boasts excellent heat insulation thanks to low transmission in the shortwave IR spectrum.
  • Chemically resistant glass-ceramic – even in aggressive environments. Acids, bases and hydrolytic influences according to DIN 12116, ISO 695 und DIN ISO 719  have no impact on this material (for details see: chemical properties).

Example fields of application
  • Inner lining for high-temperature cleanroom furnaces
  • Easy-clean cover plates for magnetrons in microwave ovens
  • Decorative element for applications in the fields of architecture, furniture and the household appliance industry
  • Light diffusers for the lighting sector

Standard forms of delivery

The current status of availability by material and form of delivery has to be requested by the customer. Not all combinations are producible. Other forms of delivery are available on request.

General appearance

Transparent, translucent white, translucent bluegrey, opaque white, opaque grey, tinted. One-sided nubs are available on request. The surface texture depends on the thickness. Decoration is available on request.


Flat cut-to-size panels

Thickness Standard length
Min. - Max.
Standard width
Min. - Max.
2 mm 50–1,915 mm 50–860 mm On request
3 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
4 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
5 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,075 mm C, U, V
6 mm 50–1,930 mm 50–1,060 mm C, U, V
≥ 8 mm 50–on request 50–960 mm C, U, V

Bent panels

Formats of bent panels on request. Various shapes are available.
Further data and information available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly be of assistance.

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