Glass-ceramic transmission:
SCHOTT NEXTREMA® optical properties

Six transmission profiles in the visible and infrared range

NEXTREMA® offers six transmission profiles in the visible and infrared range depending on material type and material thickness. And, if you vary the thickness of NEXTREMA®, there are even more. For engineers and designers that means NEXTREMA® is the material of choice when it comes to light transmission and infrared radiation. Thanks to this precision transmission of infrared radiation this glass-ceramic shines across all ranges of optical transmission. It is used for instance in infrared glass radiators, heaters and radiant heaters. This material of the future serves as a source of inspiration for both designers and engineers alike in the development of innovative products. All six NEXTREMA® types boast high transmission for heat radiation. As such, this unique special glass for light transmission is a reliable material partner for industry and households.

Here are further details of the optical properties:


The transmission values are measured for a polished sample of a specific thickness.
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