Mechanical Stability

Glass breakage is a major concern for many pharmaceutical operations. With our long standing experience in fractographic investigations of broken containers we can support our customers to determine the root cause that led to breakage. Our expertise in mechanical strength testing enables us to compare the fracture resistance of different container systems and determine expected fracture probabilities. This analytical data provides you the basis for selecting the packaging that best meets your specifications.

Breakage Analysis - Fractography

Broken samples and cracks tell stories and leave behind clues. By applying optical and scanning electron microscopy we determine the origin and propagation of glass breakage. Clear evidence of the root cause can be drawn and the applied force that lead to the failure can be determined.
Fracture surface of a broken syringe showing the fracture origin and specific markings such as the fracture mirror, Wallner lines, fine hackles, and coarse hackles
Contamination in the vicinity of the fracture origin, analyzed by SEM/EDX, explains cause of breakage
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