SCHOTT Ampoule AC (Anti-Counterfeiting)

According to the World Health Organization, every tenth drug sold worldwide is counterfeit. Approximately 64 % of counterfeit drugs, which can apply to both branded and generic products, contain no or only low levels of the active ingredient. In general, counterfeits include products with either incorrect, insufficient or inactive ingredients, or are supplied with inaccurate or fake packaging/labeling.

SCHOTT Ampoules AC safeguard intellectual property and patient safety by enriching standard ink with light-emitting particles. Prints with LNP-enhanced inks do not differ from the LNP-free version if compared by the naked eye, but activation with an IR reader or detector reveals the presence of the particles and proves the origin of production. Individualization is guaranteed by the customized combination of ampoule format, type, color rings and dots.
  • Multiple color options: Offered in combination with HMF (Heavy Metal Free) color systems for the identification ring application and dot

  • Product to prevent counterfeiting
  • Protects intellectual property
  • Helps to ensure patient safety
  • Commercially available detector to be used (IR laser pointer with a defined wavelength)
  • Particles are made of inorganic substance. Particle size: 5 – 20 μm
  • Ampoules B, C and D forms made of clear or amber FIOLAX glass from 1 ml to 30 ml
  • The anti-counterfeiting option is available for the colors: white-VPS 9102, green-VPS 1101,
    black -VPS 4101, yellow-VPS 3107, blue-VPS 2109 and red-VPS 7110
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