SCHOTT Cartridges Double Chamber

SCHOTT Cartridges Double Chamber
With an increasing number of sensitive biotech molecules dominating the pharma pipelines, shelf life stability has surfaced as one of the key challenges. Lyophilised formulations, when reconstituted by using separate containers for lyophilisate and diluent might compromise handling efficiency and dosing accuracy.

With two chambers separated by a plunger and a bypass that allows for two substances to mix or reconstitute before (self) administration, SCHOTT Cartridges Double Chamber support shelf-life stability of sensitive drug fomulations.

  • Storage & integrated reconstitution of liquid/liquid, liquid/powder or liquid/lyo formulations in one container
  • Very high dosing accuracy because of very tight inner diameter tolerances
  • Compatible with many injection devices

  • Shortening Time-To-Market
  • Convenient self-administration of lyophilised medications
  • Improved patient safety through superior dosing accuracy
  • Facilitate reconstitution
  • Standard double chamber cartridge with OD 10.75 mm, injection volume: 0.1 – 1.0 ml
  • Customized double chamber cartridges upon request
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