Prefillable Glass Syringes - syriQ® sterile

syriQ® sterile glass syringes are ready for the filling process. They are washed, siliconized and assembled with a tip cap or a needle shield. The products are available with staked needle, luer cone, or luer lock from 0.5 ml to 3ml.

syriQ® sterile syringes are manufactured on fully automated production lines (forming, needle staking, washing, siliconization , closure assembly and packaging). Smooth handling and transportation systems, highly stable and validated processes as well as 100% inline camera inspection of all critical process steps meet the highest quality standards.

Our syringes are made of premium quality SCHOTT Fiolax® Type I glass tubing. The assembled syringes are supplied in nests and tubs. For a complete syringe set, components like plungers and plunger rods from all major suppliers (West, Helvoet, Stelmi) are available according to your requirements. Completed syringe tubs are ETO sterilized and ready-to-fill. Printing or graduation can be arranged on individual demand.

SCHOTT syriQ® sterile low tungsten syringes are dedicated to the special needs of highly sensitive biotech drugs.

Prefillable glass syringes from SCHOTT comply with international quality standards such as USP, EP, JP.
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