Prefillable Polymer Syringes – SCHOTT TopPac® SD

Choosing a PFS system that minimizes the risk of drug container interaction without compromising its functional characteristics is a major challenge for pharma companies. In addition to all functional benefits inherent to the SCHOTT TopPac® PFS system, an optimized container system for sensitive drugs should offer:
  • Pure components with lowest levels of E&L
  • Inert barrel material with no ion or heavy metal release
  • Sterilization methods which enable low E&L profile
  • Lowest level of contaminations or subvisible particles
  • Easy integration into existing filling lines

Benefits of SCHOTT TopPac® SD

Inert COC barrel

Due to the inert COC material used for the barrel, no ion or heavy metal is released and the chemical interaction with sensitive drugs is reduced.


Pure elastomer components

The use of pure elastomer components combined with steam sterilization of plungers results in a reduced E&L profile.


ETO sterilization

Using ETO sterilization instead of ionizing radiation for barrel and tip cap can significantly reduce potential E&L.

Cross-linked silicone

Compared to conventional silicone coating, cross-linked silicone significantly reduces subvisible particles while retaining lubrication performance.

Clean with low particle level

Fully integrated clean room production results in syringes with low particles and low contamination. 

General SCHOTT TopPac® advantages:

  • Glass-like transparency
  • Standard tub and nest offering
  • Integrated Luer Lock
  • Compatible with needleless IV connectors
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