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Questioning things and re-thinking what's familiar is what drives us. And on the 5th/6th of November, it's all about new thinking and new action. You can look forward to an evening dedicated to thinking ahead. Because that's exactly what we want to do with you: Looking ahead, crossing borders, opening up new possibilities. Share with us your visions and discover with us how they can come true.
Whether you come on the 5th or the 6th of November – either way, you can expect plenty of new impressions. We'll show you the power of collaboration and how it can change all our businesses. We'll also introduce you to product developments and solutions that address your challenges individually. Sign up for one of the two days now. We look forward to seeing you.
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  • November 5th / 6th, 2019
  • Frankfurt am Main, UNION HALLE
  • Evening Event
  • Doors open 5.30 pm
  • Official start 7.00 pm
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You’re invited to discover the new SCHOTT Pharma way and envision the future of the pharmaceutical industry in an exciting and vibrant environment. We kindly ask you to register for this exclusive event and are looking forward to seeing you at VISIONIZE.
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Tell us your vision

What’s the future of healthcare? What thoughts, wishes or ideas do you have? VISIONIZE with us. Share your visionary ideas in simple words and send them to us. With every single idea, we’ll donate 2 Euro to a charitable organization, that you can vote for in the fall. Let’s bring our visions together at the event – to open our minds for inspiring solutions. We would be delighted to show your contribution there as well - on our VISIONS WALL
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VISIONIZE with SCHOTT Pharma User Centricity
User Centricity


What’s the key to forward-thinking customization? Our answer is USER CENTRICITY. Let’s talk about it at our event, VISIONIZE with SCHOTT Pharma. Together we’ll find new solutions that suit the needs of individuals. Because human health matters.


What does COLLABORATION mean to you? We'd like to invite you to our event VISIONIZE with SCHOTT Pharma to explore how co-created developments and knowledge sharing will improve the lives of all. Let’s join forces to develop solutions and services that work for everyone.
VISIONIZE with SCHOTT Pharma Collaboration
VISIONIZE with SCHOTT Pharma Smartness


We want to simplify products and services. At the event, we'll be presenting our newest prototypes, like the Smart Containers – packaging with recognition codes that enable rapid error tracking. We're also working together with our partner Smart Skin Technologies where we use the advantages of big data to create smarter and more efficient solutions.


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