Cleaning and Care

Fireplaces with viewing windows are always popular. But as pleasant and cozy as the crackling fireplace in the living room is: the subsequent cleaning of the sooty fireplace viewing window is less enjoyable. For this reason SCHOTT developed a new kind of Dry Wiper especially for fireplace viewing windows made from ROBAX® glass-ceramics.

As the active side is less abrasive than the fireplace glass, scratches during cleaning of the window are avoided and, with the ergonomically shaped holding side, you will have no problems getting into the corners. Using the Dry Wiper also means that – unlike other liquid cleaners – no chemicals can get into the seal of the fireplace door and damage it. Just as there is no wiping with water there is also no application time, meaning the cleaning process is significantly shortened.

Contact us for more information, check your local Hearth Supply Store or contact our distributors for the Dry Wiper:
  • SBI  (418) 878-3040
  • Mr. Fireplace (800) 661-1156
  • CUI Distribution 800-845-5301
At Home Remedies:

General: Transparent glass-ceramic for fireplaces and stoves should only be cleaned while the equipment is not in operation and has cooled down.

Clean: The best and still most cost-effective cleaning agent is the ash itself. To use:
  1. Insert a moist rag or a piece of newspaper into the white ash of the cooled fireplace.
  2. Rub it onto the window insert of the fireplace.
  3. Then, simply wipe it off again with the moist rag and then polish it dry with a clean, soft towel.
In addition to the ash, there are a number of different commonly used commercial cleaning and care products or mildly acidic solutions available. Simply follow the instructions of the cleaning product as recommended by its manufacturer.

Note: For coated inserts, (glass cleaner is not recommended).

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should you use any abrasive (scouring) cleaning product or scratch pads.
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