There are a lot of questions which are important for every fireplace owner such as “Why are enclosed fires more efficient than open fires?” or “What is the right way to store firewood?”. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below to become an expert of fireplace knowledge.

What are "enclosed" fires?

Why do enclosed fires burn more cleanly than open fires?

Why are enclosed fires more efficient than open fires?

Why are enclosed fires safer than open fires?

Why are people with fireplaces or stoves doing their share for the environment and helping to prevent climate change?

Why is wood carbon-neutral?

What is the difference between using firewood, and oil and gas as fuels?

Why are modern fireplaces or stoves the ideal solution for low-energy houses?

Will installing a fireplace or stove help me to avoid the effects of rising energy prices?

What are pellet stoves?

What is the right way to store firewood?

How can my chimney sweep help?

Where should I install my fireplace or stove?

Which fireplace or stove will be the best for me?

Can I install the fireplace or stove myself?

What should I do before lighting the fire for the first time?

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