Shock-resistant and durable: pre-stressed DURATAN® special glass tubing

With DURATAN®, SCHOTT shows its expertise in glass for demanding applications. Borosilicate glass tubing is based on the well known DURAN®, and a thermal toughening process additionally pre-stresses the tube wall. The pre-stressed glass is thus two to three times more resistant to tension and mechanical shock than untreated glass. Since the diverse features of DURAN® are preserved, DURATAN® also provides advantages over plastics such as high scratch resistance and light stability, high resistance to UV radiation, as well as high chemical resistance and temperature-change resistance.

Suited to demanding exterior use

These features make DURATAN® ideally suitable for exterior applications such as:
  • Safety lights in explosive atmospheres
  • Sight glasses and display cylinders for product presentations
  • Sight glasses in pipeline construction
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Interior and exterior architecture
  • Art and design
Hardened glass provides enhanced safety: If damaged, it shatters into fine fragments, similar to tempered safety glass. Shock resistance has been tested with ball-drop tests. Upon customer request, we will perform statistically-based strength tests on defined tube dimensions.

Standard Sizes

Tube diameters of 100 - 150mm, tube lengths of 300 to 1,300mm and wall thicknesses of 5 to 9mm are standard dimensions for DURATAN® glass tubing. More sizes are available upon request.

You can find additional information and technical data in our brochure and in our Glass Tubing Explorer under the key word DURATAN®.
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