Transition from and to glass tubing

Fusing glass tubing to metals

Depending on application and in addition to essential glass properties, the component sealability, which requires similar linear thermal expansion coefficients of the materials to be sealed, must also be considered.

Along with high thermal resistance such as required in halogen lamps, aluminosilicate glass 8252 and 8253 provide the solution: They can also be fused with Molybdenum. The blue-colored glass types 8240 and 8241 can also be fused with Molybdenum.

For other glass-metal bonds such as fusing with Kovar, Glass 8250 and 8245 are available. Glass types 8487 and 8337B can be fused with Tungsten, while the latter also provides very high UV transmission.
You will find detailed information on appropriate glass types for glass-metal seals in our Glass Tubing Explorer.
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Example: Clicking on, for instance, Glass 8447 opens a detailed view of the glass type

Bonding glass and ceramics or other materials

When someone wants to bond glass and ceramic they can use Glass 8436.

For bonding materials with high thermal expansion such as Dumet or platinum and certain types of steel, AR-Glass® is the right choice, since it has a high expansion coefficient.

Glass types 8228, 8229 and 8230, used primarily in the field of electronics, provide high resistance to temperature change and provide fusing transition to quartz thanks to their low expansion coefficient.

If you need to bond borosilicate glass 3.3 such as DURAN® to Kovar or Vacon10, you need, in this order, our transition glass 8448, 8449 and 8447. Mit der Glasart 8448. With Glass type 8448 you can produce a material transition from borosilicate glass 3.3 to Tungsten.
Use the glass spectrum on our Glass Tubing Explorer to find information on glasses suitable for fusing.
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If you are not sure which type of glass is right for your application or whether what you want to do can be realized with glass - Ask our glass specialists!
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