Glass tubing for high-end color enhancement in LED backlight displays

Product Information

Currently, quantum dot (QD) based techniques are the leading innovation for enhanced color space for displays. The optimization of the color gamut is one of the main drivers for current LCD display innovations. This glass tubing is one of the most efficient solutions for QD encapsulation into capillary optics. The oval shaped fine tubing offers tightly controlled dimensions which guarantee extremely high accuracy for the color of the Quantum Dots (QD) optics. Precisely controlled dimensions of this oval capillary also facilitate an efficient assembly into the backlight unit. High precision tubing is made available through a patented process.


  • Maximum precision in color space and color conversion due to high dimensional accuracy
  • Hermetic encapsulation of quantum dots against ambient conditions
  • High optical transmission for optimum brightness
  • Easy assembly in the backlight unit due to high dimensional accuracy of the tubing
  • Patented process


  • Borosilicate glass
  • tight dimensional tolerances
  • High transmission in the visible range
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion α of 3.3 10-6 K-1
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Exhibition LED Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 01-29 to 01-31-2020
Exhibition Internorga, Hamburg, Germany, 03-13 to 03-17-2020
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