Advanced Optics - Newsletter 02/2014


Optatec in Frankfurt: Advanced Optics presented new products in the areas of optical glass and expanded coating expertise

On the three days of the exhibition held in Frankfurt that the international optics world traditionally meet on, the audience showed particular interest in one new product. The optical glass N-FK58 XLD features an extremely low dispersion (XLD = extremely low dispersion) and very good processing characteristics.

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In the land of the rising sun

Finetech, Lens Expo, NanoMicro biz: SCHOTT Advanced Optics scored points at three different trade fairs in Japan in April

The products and technologies that SCHOTT Advanced Optics offers on the Japanese market have had an excellent reputation for many years now. Therefore it only seemed logical to offer visitors to the various exhibitions the chance to form their own opinions of the latest innovations made in Germany.

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Ultra-thin glass in the star-role

Printed Electronics Europe 2014: Roll-to-roll demonstrator for ultra-thin glass impresses exhibition visitors

The roll-to-roll demonstrator for rollable ultra-thin glass that was shown at the Printed Electronics Europe for the first time ever apparently hit a nerve with the companies and research institutes that work with printable electronics.

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Fraud with fake bank data

SCHOTT Advanced Optics asks customers and suppliers to be very careful

If you ever receive a letter in which you are asked to change the bank data for engaging in electronic banking with a customer or supplier, you should definitely look into the matter more closely. If, for example, the company logo printed on the letter is blurred, this should make you feel suspicious.

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Update: Optical filters can now be calculated much easier

We have updated our tried and tested calculation program for optical filter glass. It is now possible to define not only standard light sources, but also the customer’s own light sources during color analysis of an absorption filter. This means you can calculate just the right color for the desired filter for any type of light diode.

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EU regulations threaten the availability of raw materials for the optical industry

Just published: strong plea to assume responsibility and exercise discretion in assessing potentially hazardous substances

The date for the ban on “substance of very high concern (SVHC)” from the EU regulation REACH is approaching. For instance, the deadline on the use of arsenic oxide by European manufacturing companies has now been set: May 21st, 2015. Furthermore, the RoHS regulation also controls the use of certain hazardous substances like lead and mercury in electric and electronic devices.

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SCHOTT now offers an even broader range of filters after expanding its coating expertise

“We made several investments at our plant in Yverdon in order to be able to offer this spectrum of coatings and thus expanded our manufacturing expertise and production capacities quite significantly. We develop, design and manufacture completely on the basis of customer specifications,” explains Prof. Dr. Steffen Reichel, application engineer at SCHOTT Advanced Optics.

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Facing the light

SCHOTT manufactured a mirror substrate from the high-tech material ZERODUR® glass-ceramic for the world’s largest solar telescope

In mid-March, the US research organization AURA (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy) accepted delivery of the most important component of its new solar telescope Daniel K. Inouye Solar (DKIST, formerly known with the project name ATST). In order to be able to better understand the complex processes on the sun, the $300 million telescope will begin reflecting its first light on Hawaii in 2019 after it has been polished and mounted.

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