Laser Materials

Laser Material made by SCHOTT Advanced Optics

Laser Glass Materials

Because of its unique properties, glass is an ideal host material for the rare earth ions that give optically pumped lasers their power. Having long been at the forefront of optical glass manufacturing technology, SCHOTT understands how to successfully blend glass’ wide-ranging compositional attributes with desired rare earth properties. The result is active laser glass products that are specifically tailored to your unique application, possessing the characteristics needed to excel in high-energy, high-average power uses.

SCHOTT’s innovation doesn’t stop there. In meeting a wide variety of laser glass challenges, SCHOTT has successfully developed platinum-particle-free melting. This process allows for significantly more advanced manufacturing options and customization, including:
  • High-fluence laser glass components, which operate without laser-induced damage
  • Large volume laser slabs, available in apertures to 40 cm and in large  quantities, which enable high-energy storage for inertial confinement fusion programs
  • Zig-zag slabs and large diameter laser rods with the highest optical quality and homogeneity possible, which can help make high-output power of materials processing laser systems a reality

Active Materials supporting Laser Applications:

APG-1 and APG-760 - Laser Glass of SCHOTT Advanced Optics
  • Silicate based glasses for 1 µm emission:
    • LG-680
  • Phosphate based glasses for 1 µm emission:
    • LG-7x series:
      • LG-750
      • LG-760
      • LG-770
    • APG-1 and APG-760
    • BLG-80
Laser Material LG9x series - made by SCHOTT Advanced Optics
  • Phosphate based glasses for 1.5 µm emission:
    • LG-9x series:
      • LG-940
      • LG-950  (only available outside NAFTA)
      • LG-960

Other Materials for Active Laser Glass Applications:

Other materials and components  for pump cavities:

S7010N (10% Sm-doping)
  • Blocking the 1060nm wavelength and UV pump light from Nd:YAG, Nd:glass, etc.
S7005 (5% Sm-doping):
  • Recommended for elements with thicknesses >6mm
  • Blocking the 1060nm wavelength and UV pump light from Nd:YAG, Nd:glass, etc.
S7000 (Ce-doping):
  • UV-cut off material
Edge cladding glasses
  • For each of our 1.0 μm  emission glasses we offer adapted edge cladding glasses on request

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