Ceramic Phosphor Converter -
Dynamic and Static Solutions


Dynamic Ceramic Converter

Enabling high luminance for your laser pumped phosphor light sources

SCHOTT experts have developed phosphor ceramic converter components for laser pumped phosphor light sources. They enable superior luminance in laser phosphor wheels for digital projectors. 

Thanks to this new material, laser projectors offer reliable performance, specifically in terms of brightness and color that remains constant over time. There is no need to change bulbs, which significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and energy costs. In addition, they do not require a warm-up period and are free of any environmentally harmful mercury. 

Since this component is a pure, inorganic phosphor material, it exhibits a high temperature stability and outstanding heat conductivity. This leads to superior efficiency and reliability, which makes SCHOTT’s Ceramic Converter a unique solution on the market.

The basis for this is an ingenious, reproducible production process that delivers reliable, quality-tested products. 
To address the complete color gamut for digital projection, SCHOTT Ceramic Converter components are available in  either yellow or green ceramic phosphor material. 
In addition, SCHOTT has the processing capability to manufacture customized products including sub assemblies for various applications.


Static Ceramic Converter

Enabling highest luminance without moving parts for your laser pumped phosphor light sources

SCHOTT experts have developed phosphor ceramic converters for laser pumped phosphor light sources. This material allows high irradiance and superior luminance. Assembled on a heat spreader these components enable compact light sources without moving parts.

This is a 100 % inorganic solution offering high reliability.
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