Applications: BOROFLOAT® Glass


LiDAR systems inspired by BOROFLOAT®

The reliable and consistent quality of BOROFLOAT®, coupled with an outstanding versatility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated applications, make BOROFLOAT® a perfect specialty glass solution also for LiDAR systems.

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BOROFLOAT® 33 in automotive industry: Glass - The new high tech material

A revolution is on the horizon: Cars of the future will contain more glass parts than you may think – the Hamburg company Schröder Spezialglas conquers new fields with special technical glass.
BOROFLOAT® is the perfect material whenever shape accuracy, compatibility with semiconductors and high transparency are key.

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Swiss Neutronics  - BOROFLOAT 33 - Neutronenleiter

BOROFLOAT® 33 & Neutron Guides: German Glass Conquers China

Swiss company SwissNeutronics supplies a research institute near Hong Kong with important components – made from the special float glass BOROFLOAT® by SCHOTT
Building neutron guides requires extreme precision. BOROFLOAT® provides the best extremely flat surface. In addition to the extremely low roughness, the even thickness and high homogeneity are properties that predestine BOROFLOAT® for high-tech applications.

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BOROFLOAT Sight glass

BOROFLOAT® 33 & Sight Glass: A Union of Inspiration & Quality

The performance requirements for sight glasses, used to verify process conditions in piping, vessels, chemical reactors or other industrial equipment, are extremely high. Subjected to elevated temperatures, chemical attack and high pressure - specifying the right material is critical in order to ensure safety in even the harshest of environments. While many materials fail to address such challenging conditions, this is where BOROFLOAT® feels right at home.

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BOROFLOAT Optical Mirrors

BOROFLOAT® 33 & Optical Mirrors: A Union of Inspiration & Quality

The performance requirements for optical mirrors are extremely rigorous as slight deviations can have significant impacts on the outcome of specific performance. Thermal stability is a must if mirrors are used in environments subjected to temperature changes. Excellent surface quality combined with exceptionally high transmission and reasonable cost are other attributes that engineers consider when specifying their material of choice. BOROFLOAT® glass meets such demanding requirements and has been used for sophisticated optics around the globe.

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BOROFLOAT, Glaswafer

BOROFLOAT® 33 & Glass Wafers: A Union of Inspiration & Quality

The performance requirements for glass wafers used for anodic bonding or as carrier wafers in wafer thinning processes are mainly determined by their ability to perfectly match those of the silicon wafer to which they shall be permanently or temporarily bonded. Well-adapted thermal expansion behaviour is as important as excellent flatness and process robustness. BOROFLOAT® glass wafers provide such outstanding material properties along with exceptionally high UV transmission – a special requirement for high speed laser de-bonding processes.

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BOROFLOAT Functional Coating

BOROFLOAT® 33 & Functional Coatings: A Union of Inspiration & Quality

The performance requirements for optical filters and mirrors are highly dependent on the material’s ability to reflect, absorb, enhance or modify incoming light. This can be accomplished with bulk optical glass materials or through coatings that are applied to a pristine glass substrate. Coatings usually allow significantly more freedom for customized light management design options which can be developed even further when a flat glass material with outstanding optical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties is used. BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass is such a unique substrate and has hence become the material of choice for robust high-temperature resistant dichroic filters, hot and cold mirrors.

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