SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging
SCHOTT Electronic packaging manufactures and markets glass and glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) components for the hermetic encapsulation of electronic devices primarily for the automotive, tele- and datacomm industries. Supported by the main facility in Germany with extended research and development, the SCHOTT Electronic Packaging Division services customers in North America with sales offices in Massachusetts and California and a research and development facility in Colorado.
Products Applications
Opto-electronics /frequency control packages Telecommunications, opto-electronics, data processing, semiconductors, lasers, sensors, SAW filters
Automotive electronic packages Airbag igniters and sensors; seat belt pretensioners; engine control; voltage regulation; anti-theft
glass powders, sintered preforms, precision glass tubing, glass discs Sealing and joining of glass, ceramics and metals; passivation; encapsulation; opto-electronic windows, substrates and covers; components for dental restoration
Electronic Packaging
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