SCHOTT Innovation Award: Driving Innovations

Innovations on the basis of strong research and development are an important growth driver for SCHOTT. SCHOTT has been presenting its own Innovation Award since 2014 to emphasize their importance, recognize team performances, and motivate employees and interdisciplinary teams to constantly pursue innovation. “The SCHOTT Innovation Award honors top innovations that have proven themselves on the market and been accepted by our customers,” explains Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Board of Management at SCHOTT.  Standard criteria for evaluating the applications for the Innovation Award include among other aspects “benefit to customers,” “the market,” “competition,” and “technology/IP.”
2015 Award Winner: The Project “SCHOTT TopPac® for Highly Viscous Drugs

A 6-member team from SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging was the winner of the 2015 SCHOTT Innovation Award for its project “SCHOTT TopPac® - Polymer Syringe for Highly Viscous Drugs (HDV).” Hyaluronic acid is only one example of a highly viscous substance. It is mainly used in the area of cosmetics to smoothen skin, but also to treat problems with joints or to perform eye operations (cataracts). The problem is that hyaluronic acid is often extremely viscous and therefore very difficult to inject. The innovative new design of the break-resistant TopPac® syringes made of high-quality cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) on the other hand allows the doctor to administer the drug more safely and more comfortably for the patient, even with high actuation forces. This is made possible by optimized siliconization that ensures that the plunger of the syringe glides more smoothly. SCHOTT worked on SCHOTT TopPac® for Highly Viscous Drugs together with a customer and now has a product platform that offers high potential in a growing segment.
Innovation Award
SCHOTT has been presenting its own Innovation Award on an annual basis since 2014. The “SCHOTT Innovation Award” honors outstanding product innovations that have demonstrably proven themselves on the market and been accepted by customers.
Innovation Award
The team from SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging received the 2015 SCHOTT Innovation Award for its project “SCHOTT TopPac® Polymer Syringes for Highly Viscous Drugs (HDV).” Anil Busimi (second from left), Head of Global Product Management for the Syringe Business, and Jörg Geiger (second from right), Director of Product Development, accepted the glass sculpture and certificates on behalf of the whole team. Chairman of the Board of Management, Dr. Frank Heinricht, (left) and the Board member responsible for Research, Dr. Hans-Joachim Konz, (right) congratulated the team on its “success story.”
Innovation Award
With a newly developed design, the unbreakable SCHOTT TopPac® polymer syringes are also suited for use in applications that involve viscous drugs such as hyaluronic acid. This innovation from SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging has now been honored with the SCHOTT Innovation Award. Optimized siliconization allows for the plunger of SCHOTT TopPac® to glide more evenly. This allows for safer and more comfortable injections even with high actuation forces.

2014 Award Winner: the Project “Green,” High-Performance Glass Fibers”

Last year, an interdisciplinary team won the SCHOTT Innovation Award, which was presented for the first time, for developing the lead-free glass fiber PURAVIS®. With the launch of a whole new product family of lead-free PURAVIS® brand name fibers in 2012, we managed to not only develop a “green,” environmentally-friendly fiber, but also to increase the transmission of white light by up to ten percent by using select raw materials. Illuminated objects retain their natural color due to what is only a slight shift in colors. The fibers are thus perfectly suited for industrial and medical applications such as endoscopy, surgical microscopy, and minimal invasive surgery. The know-how behind these “green,” high-performance fibers is extensively protected – by a total of 31 patents including six material patents. You can find detailed information in our technology magazine article: "Green the winner". 
Innovation Award
The Chairman of the SCHOTT Board of Management, Dr. Frank Heinricht (center), praised the 17-member interdisciplinary PURAVIS® team for its outstanding collaboration at the award ceremony.
Innovation Award
PURAVIS® high-purity optical glass fibers are manufactured at the site in Mainz using an environmentally-friendly process that does without lead, arsenic and antimony. A 17-member interdisciplinary PURAVIS® development team received the SCHOTT Innovation Award that was presented for the first time in 2014 for this project.
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