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11-14-2013, SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. & DUSSELDORF, Germany

SCHOTT to offer fully RoHS-compliant fiber optic faceplates for use in medical technology

Serial production of monolithic faceplates of up to 320 mm by 320 mm in size for use in digital x-ray sensors featuring CMOS technology
The international technology group SCHOTT has announced that it is expanding its product range in the area of medical technology to include new RFG92 monolithic faceplates that fully meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards because they are manufactured without using lead additives. Areas of application for the new fiber optic faceplates include digital x-ray sensors that employ complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology. SCHOTT will be presenting these products at the COMPAMED Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany at booth 8B/H08 from November 20 to 22, 2013.
SCHOTT now offers new RFG92 monolithic faceplates for use in medical technology that fully meet RoHS standards because they are manufactured without adding lead. Photos: SCHOTT.
SCHOTT now offers new RFG92 monolithic faceplates for use in medical technology that fully meet RoHS standards because they are manufactured without adding lead. Photos: SCHOTT.

SCHOTT manufactures these monolithic faceplates in sizes up to 320 mm by 320 mm. “This means we can now produce a complete faceplate without needing to assemble it from several smaller faceplates, an advantage for both processing optical performance and x-ray attenuation,” explains Jörg Warrelmann, Business Manager at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging. “In addition, the one-piece design offers a more uniform x-ray attenuation across the faceplate,” adds Warrelmann.

Thanks to the environmentally-friendly manufacturing of these fiber optic faceplates, SCHOTT now offers yet another technological advantage over other products on the market which still contain lead and therefore only meet RoHS regulations by relying on exemption clauses.

The new product RFG92 also offers improved transmission within the visible range while utilizing the same x-ray attenuation as previous products. In addition, SCHOTT markets these “green” faceplates at an attractive price.

SCHOTT manufactures all of its faceplates according to customer specifications. The faceplates are manufactured in round, square or rectangular formats. Special sizes up to 450 mm by 450 mm are possible. These fiber optic faceplates are manufactured hermetically for use with x-ray scintillators.

“By offering products that are RoHS-compliant for use in medical applications that do not need to rely on exemption permits, we are opening up many opportunities for SCHOTT and our customers to introduce new products to the market that offer a high degree of security for the future. For example, in 2012 SCHOTT successfully introduced the world's first environmentally-friendly optical glass fibers PURAVIS® GOF70 and GOF85 for illumination and sensor applications. Now we are offering our eco-friendly faceplates made from the material RFG92 for digital x-ray applications,” notes Warrelmann.

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