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At Photonics West SCHOTT introduces coatings with high laser damage threshold

New coating capability improves quality of active and passive materials for laser applications
The international technology group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT is now offering a wide range of coated materials for laser applications. Thanks to improvements of the coating capabilities at its site in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, the company is able to offer improved coated active glass devices as well as passive components made from materials such as SCHOTT N-BK7® and FK5 optical glasses, as well as fused silica, filter glass, and ZERODUR® glass-ceramic. Now, a coating is available with a higher laser damage threshold, which is relevant for the development of next-generation laser technology in various fields. SCHOTT is displaying its products at Photonics West (Booth #1601).
SCHOTT delivers laser glass coated with a high laser damage threshold, which is relevant for the development of next-generation laser technology in various fields. Photo: SCHOTT.
SCHOTT delivers laser glass coated with a high laser damage threshold, which is relevant for the development of next-generation laser technology in various fields. Photo: SCHOTT.

“We have been working diligently to make our laser components fit for use in large, demanding projects and a wide range of applications,” says Todd Jaeger, Sales Manager for Advanced Optics at SCHOTT North America, Inc. New SPIE test results confirm the improved performance of these components. One of the decisive factors is the laser damage threshold which must be high enough to allow for successful high-power applications that rely on a very high repetition rate of high-energy beams in a very short period of time. SCHOTT’s excellent material processing and polishing skills as well as its improved high quality dielectric coating technology make the materials the most resistant against laser induced damage. Furthermore new optical coating designs allow for broadband high reflection and dispersion control needed for ultrashort pulse, high-power applications. “While laser glass is produced and post-processed at our site in Duryea, Pennsylvania, the coating steps are carried out at our facility in Switzerland”, said Jaeger.

Improved material for use in new rangefinder generation
Also highlighted will be SCHOTT’s LG940 glass, ideal for "eye-safe" laser transmitters used in defense and industrial applications such as laser rangefinders and laser target designation systems. LG940, operating near the 1.5um wavelength, has increased strength, and excellent laser and optical properties for use at higher repetition rates than previous products. For the warfighter, SCHOTT LG940 enables the widespread production of novel laser amplifier designs for compact, low power, reliable rangefinders for soldier systems, ground and air vehicles with reduced weight and system costs.

In addition, SCHOTT expanded its portfolio with the ‘eye-safe’ phosphate laser glass LG940, which works in a short pulse regime for use in medical applications such as cosmetic laser treatments in dermatology. New applications in ophthalmic optics are also now possible.

Wide range of passive materials for laser applications
SCHOTT produces a range of components for improving lasing efficiencies and powers. These components such as mirrors, polarizers, and beam splitters are made of passive materials such as fused silica, optical glass (SCHOTT N-BK7®, FK5), filter glass or ZERODUR® glass-ceramic. All materials offer extremely high accuracy and cater to demands for the highest quality. Passive laser glass can, for example, be used as laser pumping cavity filters, which absorb undesired pumping light in the UV range, preventing solarization of the laser glass.

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