SEFUSE® D6 Battery Fuses

Product Description

Why are battery fuses needed?

Safety is the top priority for electronic devices, battery-powered tools, and vehicles. This has led to increased demand for highly reliable battery fuses. These components are designed to protect Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging circumstances. At the same time, due to space limitations, the battery fuses must be extremely small – typically surface-mount types.

SCHOTT SEFUSE D6 battery fuses offer reliable overcurrent and overcharging protection for Li-ion batteries.


 SEFUSE D6 battery fuses offer the following advantages:
  • Suitable for high currents and compatible with up to 14 cells
  • Many variations available with different current and package sizes
  • Extremely thin and compact surface mount designs
  • RoHS Compliant 
  • Antimony-free
  • Halogen-free


D6 battery fuses are used for battery packs in:

High-current applications
  • Rechargeable power / garden tools
  • Cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners
  • E-bikes and E-motorcycles
  • Energy Storage Systems
Devices requiring miniaturized designs
  • Notebooks
  • Smartphones
  • Tablet PCs

Technical Details

How it works

SCHOTT SEFUSE® battery fuses offer comprehensive protection for electronic devices. The design and functionality protects Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging circumstances.

In case overcurrent occurs while using the device, the fuse element will open and cut off the circuit. In case of overcharging, FET is activated and the heater element disables the fuse element, resulting in the circuit being cut off.

For further information or application-specific questions, please contact our sales department.


Features / Specifications
Series Electrical Ratings Safety Standard
Rated Current Rated Voltage
D6SE Series 30A 80V 1)*
D6SA Series 12A/15A 36V UL/TÜV 
20A UL
30A 62V UL/TÜV 
D6SC Series 12A/15A 36V UL/TÜV 
D6SK Series 12A 36V 1)*
1)* UL/TÜV approval pending
Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Forms of packing: Embossed Carrier Tapes
Please contact our sales department if you have any special requests regarding supply and packaging.



All D6 types undergo an internal resistance check in addition to the standard quality assurance processes of SCHOTT to ensure consistently high quality of the product.

For further information about the SEFUSE® D6 thermal cutoffs, please review our quality assurance page
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