How glass is transforming the home, from the hearth to the barbecue

Americans love their homes. More importantly, they love transforming their homes into places filled with warmth and light, places to entertain, and places that fit their lifestyle.

That was on full display at the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo (HPBExpo) in Nashville. The diversity of products at the show was striking. More importantly, however, were the experiences behind those products. From grills to fireplaces to woodstoves, HPBExpo highlighted a palette of emotions and experiences that designers can use to transform homes into reflections of their owners.

SCHOTT’s NEXTREMA and ROBAX Magic are uniquely positioned to help designers and manufacturers unlock new experiences for the home and patio. This year, in addition to showing off product samples and talking technical details, we focused on bringing the benefits of our products to life.

A ROBAX Magic Product Selector tool was showcased and gave fireplace manufacturers, contractors, and designers a first-hand look at the way varying textures, colors, and treatments on ROBAX Magic can augment the look of a live flame.

We also asked artist Virginia Lee Montgomery to storyboard these innovations alongside Ted Wegert, the director of applications engineering for SCHOTT North America. Montgomery’s work drew eyes to the booth, visually reinforcing the story of these two specialty glasses.

NEXTREMA: Bringing glass outdoors

The stainless steel barbecue box is due for an update, and NEXTREMA is an ideal choice for new design options given its ability to withstand extreme conditions. It allows grill makers to incorporate large viewing panels into grill lids and cover infrared or gas burners, and can be formed into almost any shape a designer can imagine. This year, NEXTREMA made appearances in products from a number of companies – from grills to outdoor heaters.

Fire Magic, a U.S. maker of grills and outdoor kitchen accessories, showed off sleek grills with NEXTREMA viewing windows. While Twin Eagles Grills, which deals in built-in barbecues for backyard kitchens, showed off a spectacular new grill that included an infrared rotisserie burner using NEXTREMA glass-ceramic. Dimplex, a specialist in electric heating products, showcased a sleek outdoor IR heater that glowed ruby-red, while highlighting a glossy black panel of NEXTREMA when off.

ROBAX: Adding new beauty for indoor and outdoor fire features

ROBAX Magic serves as glass paneling inside gas stoves and fireplaces that can be printed to look like stone or brick. It adds a reflectivity to the interior of a fireplace, creating a more visually appealing flame. Unique designs using ROBAX Magic can fit modern or classical homes, while elevating the internal temperature of the combustion chamber for a more efficient burn.

As a fire viewing panel, ROBAX offers a clear and safe view to the fire. On the show floor Chesneys, a luxury fireplace and mantel designer, used ROBAX as a fire viewing panel in its new line of barbecue heaters.

Impact beyond the show

The importance of home at HPBExpo went well beyond design. We again spent time raising money for Operation Barbecue Relief, which helps provide meals for first responders and people who have lost their homes during disasters. To help the organization continue its good work, we raised money during the show and pledged additional support, bringing in $1,000 for Operation Barbecue Relief.

We also showed off our support of the Alliance for Green Heat’s Woodstove Design Challenge coming this November. We’re providing participants ROBAX IR Max viewing panels to use in their energy efficient designs.

Walking the show floor in Nashville, we saw glass integrated into a range of home products. From indoor wood stoves and outdoor fireplaces, to infrared heaters and high-end barbecue grills with viewing panels, IR rotisseries and even pizza ovens. SCHOTT helps designers realize new forms and helps homeowners express their own sense of home.

Mach 3, 2018


Kim Kennell
Home Tech
SCHOTT North America, Inc.