The special light with soul

Fiber glass core Soul with clad High luminosity

The interior of the glass composite light guide – a fiber glass known as the soul – shines with homogeneous, powerful light. The clad surrounding the soul is thermally toughened, making it extremely strong and resistant to chemical substances as well as heat and moisture.

The latter is of particular interest for medical devices, which are exposed to extreme stresses during sterilization. But these properties also provide accent lighting for previously unused spots in household appliances or in cars, for instance as functional lighting for ovens or to highlight exterior vehicle contours.

The car is an oasis of well-being. Reliable, aesthetic contour lighting is playing a greater role than ever. LuminaLine can be used both in the interior and exterior.
LuminaLine turns even signal lighting into a design element. Green light to announce an approaching train or bus? Yellow light when it’s five minutes away? Not a problem with LuminaLine.
LuminaLine enables completely new concepts in interior design. Whether as an illuminated room divider or incorporated into furniture, aquariums or floors, its creativity knows no bounds.
An oven that communicates with users through light colors? No problem with LuminaLine thanks to heat resistance up to 450° Celsius. When the light is green, users immediately know that nothing is keeping them from enjoying their pizza.

Shining blue chop sticks? Why not? LuminaLine ensures reliable lighting while the chemically inert glass material ensures untarnished taste.

LuminaLine is the successful creation of an innovative lighting concept that inspires Germany’s creative minds. LuminaLine was recognized by the German Design Council with a prestigious German Innovation Award 2018. The success story was topped off by winning the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award 2018, in which LuminaLine prevailed over a competition of 5,600 entries from 55 countries and convinced a jury of 40 experts.

In addition to LuminaLine, two other SCHOTT lighting solutions shone this year at the German Innovation Award: the environmentally friendly PURAVIS® fiber glass along with the HelioJet® Spectrumcc lighting system for modern aircraft cabins.


Michael Müller
Marketing and Communication