SCHOTT researcher Volker Rupertus receives Turner Award

Determined to reduce the risk of delamination in pharmaceutical vials and the costly recalls associated with it, Professor Volker Rupertus and a team of SCHOTT scientists developed a testing procedure which controls the delamination propensity of glass vials during their production. Delamination is a degradation of an inner glass surface which produces glass flakes when it interacts with a drug. After examining the basic mechanisms of delamination behavior, Rupertus, the senior principle expert for SCHOTT’s Pharmaceutical Systems business unit, and his team came up with the SCHOTT Delamination Quicktest, which allows for a threshold value to be defined for a vial’s tendency to delaminate.

For his pioneering work Rupertus was recently named the recipient of the prestigious Turner Award by the International Commission of Glass (ICG).

He began his career at SCHOTT’s central R&D department in 1995. As head of the analytical department, he spent more than a decade in the field of process development and characterization, collaborating with several of the company’s divisions. In 2010, he joined the Pharmaceutical Systems business unit as head of global quality. Rupertus, who graduated from the University of Kaiserslautern with a degree in technical physics and a PhD in glass surface science, frequently gives lectures in materials analysis and was made an honorary professor by the Technical University of Clausthal.

SCHOTT researcher Volker Rupertus honored by the International Commission of Glass (ICG)

Professor Volker Rupertus is SCHOTT’s senior principle expert for Pharmaceutical Systems and ab expert on glass surface science.

February 22th, 2017


Rina Della Vecchia
Marketing & Communication
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