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Q: Are the light sources KL 1500, KL 1500 electronic, KL 1500 compact, KL 1500 LCD, and KL 2500 LCD still available?

A: The light sources are not available anymore. Our old light sources are replaced as followed:
Overview of old SCHOTT microscopy light sources that are replaced by new once
Q: Are spare parts for the light sources KL 1500, KL 1500 electronic, KL 1500 compact or KL 1500 LCD, LED products and LED light sources available?

A: Spare parts are not available anymore.
Q: Can I replace a halogen lamp/bulb by a LED module?

A: A halogen light source can only be used with halogen lamps. LED modules are not available.
Q: Can I replace a halogen light source by a LED light source?

A: A replacement is possible in general. However, halogen and LED light sources have different characteristics. Therefore, check before if your application can accept limitations in colour reproduction, especially in bluegreen and red color range. For more details, see the tab "LED vs Halogen".
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