Randomized and Calibrated Bundles

Flexible fiber optic bundles give the user versatility when routing and positioning light. Randomized and calibrated bundles are designed to increase uniformity of light output.

Product and Performance Characteristics 
  • Fibers are randomized to improve spot uniformity, bundles with multiple outputs are calibrated for matching output within ~5% bundle to bundle
  • We assure consistency by adding a 12” (305mm)* randomized common end at the input. This extra 12” (305) of fiber scrambles the light, distributing any hot or cold spots from the lamp throughout each of the legs.
  • Variety of standard sizes and bundle furcations with tight bending radius for easy routing (see chart)
  • Multi-leg bundles are illuminated with one light source
  • Standard output ferrules accept spot lenses and polarizing caps (see the Accessories section)
  • Modified standard and custom configurations are available
Randomized Bundle Specification
Randomized and Calibrated Bundle Specification 12" (305) Common Bundle Length
Matrix for A08031.40R - A08031.80R
Matrix for A21040 & A21050
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