Lightline Linear Polarizer Kits  

SCHOTT Lightline Linear Polarizer Kit
Lightline polarizer assembly, A08845, with a Polarizer affixed to a 5" lightline and a polarizer affixed to a cylindrical lens on a lightline.
  • Developed for use with 3" to 16" (227 to 406 mm) lightlines to enhance contrast on highly reflective surfaces for area and line scanning applications
  • Easily mount on SCHOTT lightlines alone or with cylindrical and apertured lenses affixed to the lightline
  • Polarizer(s) should be used with an analyzer supplied by the customer which is typically attached to the camera objective
  • Two polarizers are included in the kit; one polarizes in the horizontal axis and the other polarizes in the vertical axis
  • Most options are made-to-order or custom
Lightline Part No.
Polarizer Kits
Part No.
A08903 Custom
A08904 A08844 (made to order)
A08906 Custom
A08908 Custom
A08910 Custom
A08912 Custom
A08914 Custom
A08916 Custom
A08975 Custom
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