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LED lighting
Photo: SCHOTT; Arndt Benedikt

Bright solutions

Light is becoming a defining element in modern kitchens, home appliances, and cooking areas. Glass and glass-ceramics make innovative LED lighting shine brightly and meet the demands placed on design and functionality. Here three examples.

Cooking appliances: Particularly rich in contrast and bright

Cooking appliances with black CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels and red indicators remain dominant. A SCHOTT development supports the trend to other color display elements. By using color compensation filters, CERAN® Smart View not only allows for white light and precise shades with colored light, but also ensures that display elements appear very sharp and bright – a novelty in the cooking industry.

Refrigerator: Set in the right light

LEDs in a refrigerator shelf made of glass illmunate the food below homogeneously and brightly in order to obtain a perfect overview of the content and quickly see what’s missing. SCHOTT integrates LEDs with the matching lenses into the glass shelf and directs both so that the light illuminates the foods just perfectly.

Home appliances: Better visibility

Translucent color ensures high visibility of icons on glass control panels when they are turned on and at the same time hides the electronics behind it. The appropriate color technology and perfect print are extremely important here. SCHOTT relies on its decades of experience in processing flat glass to make these icons shine brightly. —
Touch controls
Light visualizes modern touch controls for safer operation. Photos: SCHOTT; Arndt Benedikt
LEDs integrated in glass shelves put the right spotlight on food.
CERAN® Smart View
CERAN® Smart View makes display ­elements appear rich in contrast.
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