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solutions 1/2014
Sights Set on the Sun
A ZERODUR® mirror substrate 4.26 meters in diameter makes the DKIST solar telescope on Hawaii the largest of its kind. more

Nanoporous glass 
Porous Power
The nanoporous glass product CoralPor® offers application potentials that extend well beyond the laboratory. more
solutions 1/2013
Technical Tubing
Materials at the limit
High-quality tube filters from SCHOTT produce light similar to sunlight in weathering devices from Atlas MTS. More
solutions 2/2011
Contour Lighting
ElecTRONic Light Show
Innovative light guidance technology allows for special effects in Stern’s new TRON pinball machines. More
solutions 2/2011
Nuclear Energy
Advancing Nuclear Safety Education
SCHOTT is supporting Ohio State University’s Nuclear Research with products and expertise. [More]
solutions 1/2011
On the Way to Customized Cancer Therapy
Nitrocellulose coated glass slides open up new avenues for clinical research. More

Environmental Protection
Certifiably Envionmentally Friendly
SCHOTT was awarded the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) certificate in silver in the U.S. for Pyran® Platinum. More
solutions 2/2010
Solar Energy
Great Location for Solar Valley
The state of New Mexico believes in solar power. SCHOTT Solar plays a key role here. More

Crystal Clear Brilliance
A Swarovski boutique in New York relies on an innovative LED lighting system for its display cases. More
solutions 1/2010
GREGOR the Great
A Zerodur® mirror substrate in the new solar telescope on Tenerife allows for precise observations. More

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Ready for Growth
SCHOTT has expanded the product portfolio of its U.S. site in Lebanon to include prefillable syringes. More
solutions 2/2009
Flagship under the Star-Spangled Banner
The Duryea site has been setting important milestones for SCHOTT in the U.S. for 40 years. More

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Innovative Antibiotics in High-Quality Packaging
”TopLine” vials meet the demands that Wyeth pharmaceutical company places on a packaging solution. More

Fire Protection
Glass Bodyguard for Sparky’s Heroes
The new glass-ceramic Pyran® Platinum sets accents in North America’s fire protection market. More
solutions 1/2009
Solar Technology
Sunny Prospects
The new SCHOTT Solar manufacturing facility in Albuquerque will be the first site in the United States that produces receivers for CSP and will quadruple the company’s PV production capacity in North America. More
solutions 2/2008
Clear View of the Game
Amiran® panels serve as transparent ”safety rails” at the University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena and offer a much clearer view of the court. More
solutions 1/2008
Solar Energy
„Bright Future for Solar Energy”
Dr. Lawrence L. Kazmerski, Director National Center for Photovoltaics at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colorado/U.S.A., on the prospects of the U.S. Solar Market. More

Floating Displays
Floating Displays
Faceplates made of glass fibers improve the readability of digital displays and reduce scattered light. More
solutions 2/2007
Fiberoptic Lighting
Magical Light
Bisbee, the stronghold of the American copper industry, had to wait for years to hold its own mineral exhibition. Thanks to the generous assistance of the Smithsonian Institution, as well as private donations, the Bisbee Museum now showcases these minerals. More

Solar telescope
Watchful Eye on the Sun
Researchers at the »Big Bear Solar Observatory« (BBSO) in California are looking to obtain new insights on the activities of our most important heavenly body. More

Constructive Cooperation
Dr. Philip R. Goode, Director of the Big Bear Solar Observatory, on the importance of observing the sun. More

Art with Glass
Complex Glass Artworks of Great Depth
Roni Horn’s sculptures are characterized by perfection and precision. One of the world’s leading contemporary artists, she combines these properties inherent in glass with its transparency and plasticity to form sensitive reflections. More
solutions 1/2007
Piezo Glass Ceramic
A Material Generates Voltage and Movement
For the first time ever, researchers have succeeded in carrying over piezo-electric glass ceramics from the laboratory into product development. These lead-free materials offer completely new qualities. More

Remote Solar Power Supply
Finally Electricity!
By building solar power plants in sparsely populated provinces in China and other regions of the world, SCHOTT is contributing towards improved living conditions and developing a new market for the future. More

Glass Opens Up New Horizons for Design
No other material is associated more closely with modern architecture than glass. In combination with new technologies, this versatile material offers a broad range of possibilities ranging from lighting to construction using solar technology. More

Laser Glass
Igniting Ideas in Glass for Hot Furnaces
The world’s most powerful laser is now being built at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California and will feature several thousand specialized glass components from SCHOTT. The thirty year partnership between physicists and glass experts has turned this technological masterpiece into reality. More
solutions 1/2006
Concentrated Solar Power Plants
The Power Plants of the Future
The market for solar thermal power plants is only now beginning to offer one of the most important energy supply options for the future. SCHOTT will play a leading role by providing a key component. More
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