Mechanical properties (at room temperature)

High intrinsic mechanical strength even under high temperatures
NEXTREMA® shows attractive mechanical strength without the need for additional toughening processes. Even under high temperatures NEXTREMA® shows exceptional mechanical stability, making it the material of choice where high mechanical strength and temperature resistance are needed.

Key properties       Benefits
Bending strength of up to 165 MPa (for 4 mm thick material)
  • High mechanical strength without special toughening process, even at elevated temperatures
Knoop hardness of up to 625
  • Good abrasion resistance
Material density of 2,5 – 2,6 g/cm³
  • Lightweight material compared to ceramic or metal materials

ρ approx. 2.5 – 2.6 g/cm3


E approx. 84 – 95 x 10³ Mpa

Modulus of elasticity
(ASTM C-1259)

μ approx. 0.25 – 0.26

Poisson‘s ratio
(ASTM C-1259)

HK0.1 / 20 approx. 570 – 680                

Knoop hardness
(ISO 9385)

σbB approx. 100 – 165 Mpa

Bending strength
(DIN EN 1288, Part 5, R45)  
Impact resistance      The impact resistance of NEXTREMA® depends on the kind of installation, size,
thickness and geometry of the panel, type of impact and especially on drilled
holes and their position in the material.

Therefore, information regarding impact resistance can only be given with
knowledge of the respective and defined application (especially in combination
with the technical standards regarding impact resistance that have to be met for
some applications). The quality of the grinding profile has an important influence
according to the impact resistance.

0 %

Porosity (ISO 9385)  

Material 724-3 (t = 4 mm)      Ra ≤ 0.20 μm
                                            Rms ≤ 0.25 μm    

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