syriQ BioPure® silicone-free
The first glass syringe without silicone world wide

Gore and SCHOTT have collaborated to bring to market a tested and validated option for packaging and delivery of sensitive and complex biologics. Together the Gore ImproJect™ Plunger and the syriQ BioPure® silicone-free pre-fillable glass syringe provide the only commercial option for silicone-free, pre-filled syringe (plunger and barrel) which protects sensitive biologics from potential interactions with silicone. 

syriQ BioPure® silicone-free 1ml long

syriQ BioPure silicone-free with Info

Benefits of syriQ BioPure® silicone-free 

Reduced reformulation effort
  • Reduce or eliminate time spent on reformulation
  • Easier transition from vial to pre-filled syringe

Optimized drug stability
  • Reduced risk of protein aggregation
Consistent injection duration
  • Consistent delivery over time
  • Tested and validated functional performance
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