Shapes and sizes

SCHOTT ROBAX® big bending radius

The new fire perspective: SCHOTT ROBAX® with big bending radius

Angular bent ROBAX® fire viewing panels provide the best possible, unobstructed view of the fire:
  • See-through bending edge
  • Comprehensive, clear view of the fire
  • Almost completely natural fire experience
  • Various sizes and shapes possible (bending radius, height, leg lengths, etc.)

Big bending radii

panel height 350 - 500 230 800
bending radius 30, 50, 54, 70, 95    
length long leg 350 - 700 300* 720+R*
length short leg 200 - 500 100+R* 590
bending angle 90°    
panel thickness 4    

* Other lengths and radii on request.

1 x 90° ROBAX® with IDEAL Bending Edge (IBE)

Less curvature for improved strength and optimized design

Schott robax bending edge 720px
Standard Bending Edge
Schott robax bending edge ideal 720px
IDEAL Bending Edge (IBE)
The at least 30 % reduced curvature in the bending area (to the front and top) optimizes the geometry of the bending edge which, compared to the previous standard, enables a much better visual impression and an easier installation of the panel in the frame construction of the fireplace. In addition, the strength of the panel is improved, especially at the bending area, because of the reduced curvature by up to 80 %, which results in a comparatively increased stability and breaking resistance.

Your advantages

  • Up to 20 % increased strength under static load*
  • Up to 80 % increased strength under dynamic load**
  • At least 30 % reduced curvature of the bending edge
*Applies to bending test on universal testing machine with test format
**Applies to door impact test with test format
Technical Details
Panel height 230 – 815 mm
Side section length 300 – 800 mm (long leg) | 200 – 590 mm (short leg)
Glass thickness 4 mm
Shape 1 x 90° angular bent
Decoration Yes

SCHOTT ROBAX® Fire View Index by Dudek

We can now calculate the view of the fire.

Shaped glass-ceramic panels enlarge the view of the fire. With the Fire View Index by Dudek (FVI), SCHOTT ROBAX® is now able to show how much more of the fire is viewable through a shaped panel compared to a flat one.
SCHOTT ROBAX® Fire View Index by Dudek
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