Glass tubing for UV lamps

SCHOTT's glass tubing is found in various UV lamp applications:

The sterilization of water, air and other surfaces is another of the numerous technical applications for which SCHOTT manufactures glass tubing. Certain glass types from SCHOTT are made specifically for Germicidal lamps and they provide a high resistance to solarization. This ensures consistent and efficient transmission rates during the entire lifespan of the bulb. Cost effective lamp processing is made possible by providing high dimensional accuracy in conjunction with the ability of direct glass to metal seals. Not only does SCHOTT provide tubing for Germicidal lamps it also produces glass for the respective sleeve tubing. In addition, glass types are also available for lamps used in UV curing of adhesives, paints and inks.

Glass used in medical applications have strict standards and requirements. One example is treating skin diseases such as psoriasis with phototherapy. In order for the treatment to be safely administered there can be no high energy radiation or harmful UV-B rays released during the treatment. SCHOTT's tubing is specifically desgined to fulfill these requirements.

Special applications such as deuterium lamps for analytic purposes (spectroscopy) or optical sensors are further uses for SCHOTT's glass tubing. By offering a very high rate of transmission as well as allowing for direct fusing with tungsten or kovar SCHOTT's tubing is ideal for these applications.
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