KOCH KNIGHT-WARE™ - Neutralization Sumps

Every laboratory and industrial DWV System are not only faced with the problem of transporting the acidic liquid wastes, but also how to store and dispose of these wastes as well. Since KOCH KNIGHT-WARETM Acid Proof Chemical Stoneware Sumps have been used for over 80 years as the premium equipment in not only the handling and storage, but also the manufacturing, of highly corrosive acids and chemicals it is the logical choice to handle such wastes. Partnered with KIMAX® Glass Drainline it makes the most corrosive resistant DWV System on the market.

KNIGHT-WARE sumps provide positive and permanent insurance against acid and chemical attack. It does not depend upon a glaze or coating of any kind for its acid proof qualities - it’s in the body itself. Unlike some plastic sumps, which can be attacked by organic solvents that are normally present in laboratory wastes, KNIGHT-WARE is universally acid and corrosion proof regardless of the concentration of the acids handled. The only exceptions are hydrofluoric acid and strong caustic solutions.

For more information download the KOCH KNIGHT-WARE brochure below.
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